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Using the worlds most unique Digital Video Marketing Utility Vehicles will ensure that your message will be seen and remembered by a greater population. 


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          Dominate Your Area


The unique design of our vehicle model is effective in getting the  attention of onlooking traffic. Most viewers have never seen anything like this driving around the city .

But it has been proven effective in various other cities around the United States.

What We Do


You have the message and we get it out to the public. We are on the streets all day long capturing the eyes of people walking by. We're so bold we also get  the attention of people inside buildings who can't miss seeing your advertisement. Your advertisement will be displayed high enough to visually dominate every driver from all directions.



  • Name Recognition

  • Bar/Restaurant 

  • Conventions

  • Grand Openings 

  •  Campaigns 

  • Tailgating

  • Last Minute Sales

  • Trade Shows

Dominate Your Area!
Dominate Your Area!